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Irk Valley Community School

Irk Valley Community School

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Online Safety

Our children will need to be online for lots of different reasons, such as: communicating with others, learning, keeping in touch with friends and family, entertainment. 


Whilst being online can be very useful, children can also be exposed to risks that they need to learn to manage so that they can gain al the benefits of being online as well as staying safe. 


These risks can be grouped into 4 categories:


1. CONTENT - children can be exposed to illegal or harmful content e.g. pornography, discrimination, fake news, self harm, radicalisation

2. CONTACT - children may have harmful interactions with people online e.g. online bullying, adults posing as children with the intention of exploiting children

3. CONDUCT - children may be exposed to harmful online behaviour e.g. being sent explicit images, bullying

4. COMMERCE - children may be exposed to financial scams or gambling



At our school, we teach children how to manage these risks. 

Online Safety Policy