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Irk Valley Community School

Irk Valley Community School

‘Welcome to our valley. We are proud to grow here together’


Welcome to your PSHE lessons for Summer school.  Personal, social and health education is taught on a weekly basis at Irk Valley.

Our programme of study for PSHE is taught in the context of three core themes: physical health and mental well-being, relationships education and living in the wider world.

For Summer School I have focused on the physical health and mental health core.  The lessons are about self-care and give ideas for you to try at home.  Feel free to look in the other year groups PSHE lessons and have a go at some of the other activities.

Look after yourselves, have fun and I’ll see you all soon.

Ms Owen

Staff Lesson Videos:

Watch Ms Owen's You Tube video and complete the task attached.

Lessons from Oak Academy:

Useful Game Links: