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Irk Valley Community School


The importance of valuing others, listening to different viewpoints, taking care of belongings, manners, appreciating the diversity which exists in our community and beyond


The determination to reach the highest standards, every day.


The desire to grow and develop, achieving the best for ourselves and each other.


The knowledge that working with others, asking for help when needed and supporting others to develop are the foundations of growth.


The importance of joy in what we do, discovering our strengths and using them.

School Games

As part of Manchester's PE strategy, Irk Valley Community School is committed to 

  • tackling inactivity in young people
  • growing regular sports participation for all
  • starting well – fostering a culture of physical activity and sport at a young age; 
  • developing sporting excellence that inspires;
  • providing at least two hours of quality physical education per week


In order to give all our children the opportunity to compete in regular sporting competition, the school has enrolled in the Youth Sports Trust's School Games program which encourages


"Keeping competitive sport at the heart of schools and providing more young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best."


Underpinning all competition at Irk Valley are our core beliefs of:

Being respectful

Being safe

Being ready


School Sports Organising Crew

After showing excellent attitude, aptitude and leadership qualities in PE lessons, after school clubs and sporting competitions, our first ever members have been selected for the school's Sports Organising Crew.


The crew will be on hand to assist with any clubs, coach small groups of younger children, officiate competitions and help organise our termly tournaments.


They will also be on hand to pass on any suggestions to Coach Mark. So if any one has any suggestions on which sports should be covered in PE lessons, at lunch or after school, then just chat to your friendly Sports Crew member.

School Games Day 2018 - Dodgeball

As part of the school's commitment to regular sporting competition, we recently gave up a day to celebrate our love of DODGEBALL!


Every KS1 and KS2 pupil were involved throughout the day, competing against fellow children from other classes.

Competition was on a round-robin basis with points awarded for each win. Points were totaled at the end of the day to determin the overall winner.

Scores were close but after a close final game,  ...... were victorious and were crowned Champions - Well Done!




Manchester Schools Dodgeball Finals

Having previously qualified from heats held at MCA, Irk Valley's Dodgeball team were invited to represent North Manchester in the Manchester Schools Dodgeball Final.


The final was held at Newall Green High School, Wythenshawe and was attended by the 12 qualifying schools from all across Manchester. As you may imagine, competition was fierce but our team competed valiantly showing true skill and resilience and respect for the opposition.


Although unable to win overall, the school came a credible 8th place, an amazing achievement as this was their first year of playing dodgeball at school.


Well done all!

"The dodgeball squad turned up in their green Irk Valley Kit to a dimly-lit sports hall in south Manchester - determination on their faces. After a thorough warm up and a positive team get together, the first group of 6 went on to play St Francis. 


It was a grueling, fast-paced game where we quickly learnt some great tactics to put into our next match but unfortunately lost against this team. After this, we played Beaver Road - where the play was exceptionally strategic - and despite our best efforts we ended up with less players on the pitch than they did at the last whistle.  Moving into the second round, we played for a top 10 spot. 


Now, this match was much closer - we won the first game, the opposition won the second game and it came down to the last game. With sweat pouring from our players, and stronger throws being aimed at the opposition, it was a relief when the time was up. We needed to rest. It was unfortunate however that we had only one player left on pitch and the opposition had two. 


It was a tough but very exciting tournament. The overall winner and second place at this tournament were the first two teams we played. So our dodgeball team were playing the best from the very beginning.  Our Irk Valley team gained in skill and strategic play as the tournament went on; and they demonstrated great sportsmanship along the way. We applauded the winners and thanked the organiser. Irk Valley team were praised for their polite and competitive play." - Miss Smith