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Irk Valley Community School

Irk Valley Community School

‘Welcome to our valley. We are proud to grow here together’

Meet the Team

Our School Council
Year 1 Fatima and Khadija
Year 2 Maryam and Mira
Year 3 Hooriyah and Deen
Year 4 Yousef and Abdullah
Year 5 Hani and Hawa-Noor
Year 6 Zoha and Zoya



Chair - leads the meeting  - Hani  
Vice Chair - leads meeting in absence of chair - Hooriyah 
Clerk - helps prepare the agenda and keep the minutes - Zoha 
Treasurer - helps organise the money - Hawa-Noor and Zoya 
Marketing - helps create content for website and newsletters - Abdullah, Hooriyah and Mira 
Communications - makes sure all the councillors come to the meetings on time - Abdullah and Yousaf 
Administrator - gets the room ready for the meetings - Deen