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Irk Valley Community School

Irk Valley Community School

‘Welcome to our valley. We are proud to grow here together’

Reading for Pleasure

At Irk Valley, we strive to instil in our children a love for reading. 


The National Primary Curriculum (DfE, 2013) states that, 'All pupils must be encouraged to read widely across both fiction and non-fiction to develop their knowledge of themselves and the world in which they live, to establish an appreciation and love of reading, and to gain knowledge across the curriculum. Reading widely and often increases pupils’ vocabulary because they encounter words they would rarely hear or use in everyday speech. Reading also feeds pupils’ imagination and opens up a treasure-house of wonder and joy for curious young minds.'


In order to promote a love for reading, Irk Valley continues to do the following:

  • provide opportunities to read independently texts that the children have chosen for themselves;
  • choose exciting and engaging texts on which to base learning experiences across the curriculum, particularly in English and Reading lessons;
  • enhance and maintain the libraries so that children have access to new, interesting, high-quality texts and are able to take these books home to enjoy;
  • promote texts to pupils in assemblies; and
  • celebrate World Book Day, encouraging discussion about books.