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The importance of valuing others, listening to different viewpoints, taking care of belongings, manners, appreciating the diversity which exists in our community and beyond


The determination to reach the highest standards, every day.


The desire to grow and develop, achieving the best for ourselves and each other.


The knowledge that working with others, asking for help when needed and supporting others to develop are the foundations of growth.


The importance of joy in what we do, discovering our strengths and using them.


A warm welcome to the Governors page of our website.


The Governing body is a team of volunteers that have the important job of looking at the overall direction of the school.  It is made up of representatives from the Local Education Authority, the community, members of staff and elected parents.

Our school is a vibrant and exciting place and the Governors, like the staff, are professional, committed and keen to ensure that every child reaches their full potential.  

Governors act as ‘critical friends’ of the school, supporting the Head teacher and staff.  They monitor and evaluate the school to ensure that best practice is always followed and help to create a safe learning environment that delivers the best possible education to all our pupils.

Full List of Governing Body Members


Clerk: Judy Thorpe
Chair of Governors:  Anjum Zulfiqar
Vice Chair of Governors: Jane Parkinson
Headteacher:   Vicki Lord
Staff Governor: Kerry Watterson
Local Authority Governor Muhammad Esa
Co-opted Governor: Vacancy
Co-opted Governor: Vacancy
Co-opted Governor: Saadia Javaid
Parent Governor: Salma Mehboob
Parent Governor:

Ambreen Butt

Committee Membership


Finance and Staffing

Behaviour and Safety

Pupil Progress

Jane Parkinson (chair)

Anjum Zulfiqar

Vicki Lord

Pay Committee - as above

(excluding Vicki Lord, Headteacher)

Saadia Javaid (chair)

Saima Mushtaq

Salma Mehboob

Vicki Lord

Jane Parkinson (chair)

Saadia Javaid

Salma Mehboob

Matt Young

Vicki Lord


The information in the document below outlines the structure and remit of the governing board and its committees.

Governor Attendance Record 2017-18







Full Governing Body


Vicki Lord, Andrea Holms, Matt Young, Saima Mushtaq, Jane Parkinson, Anjum Zulfiqar, Zurina Ali, Kash Barlow,

Saadia Javaid, Salma Mehboob,

Pupil Progress


Matt Young, Jane Parkinson, Vicki Lord, Zurina Ali, Saadia Javaid, Kashfa Kalim-Barlow

Saima Mushtaq,



Vicki Lord, Susan Angus, Andrea Holms, Saima Mushtaq, Anjum Zulfiqar,

Kashfa Kalim-Barlow,

Behaviour & Safety


Vicki Lord, Saadia Javaid, Kash Barlow,

Zurina Ali, Anjum Zulfiqar,

Full Governing Body


Zurina Ali, Matt Young, Vicki Lord, Saadia Javaid, Kashfa Kalim-Barlow, Jane Parkinson, Saima Mushtaq, Anjum Zulfiqar,

Andrea Holms, Salma Mehboob,

Full Governing Body


Kashfa Kalim-Barlow, Zurina Ali, Andrea Holms, Salma Mehboob, Saima Mushtaq, Vicki Lord, Anjum Zulfiqar, Jane Parkinson,

Matt Young, Saadia Javaid,



Vicki Lord, Andrea Holms, Susan Angus, Anjum Zulfiqar,

Kashfa Kalim-Barlow,

Pupil Progress


Vicki Lord, Jane Parkinson, Anjum Zulfiqar, Kash Barlow, Salma Mehboob, Saima Mushtaq, Saadia Javaid,

Andrea Holms, Zurina Ali,

Full Governing Body


Zurina Ali, Kashfa Kalim-Barlow, Jane Parkinson, Andrea Holms, Saadia Javaid, Anjum Zulfiqar, Vicki Lord,

Saima Mushtaq, Salma Mehboob,

Pupil Progress


Vicki Lord, Jane Parkinson, Kash Barlow,

Salma Mehboob, Anjum Zulfiqar, Zurina Ali,



Susan Angus, Vicki Lord, Andrea Holms, Anjum Zulfiqar,

Zurina Ali, Kash Barlow

Behaviour & Safety


Kashfa Kalim-Barlow, Vicki Lord, Saadia Javaid, Zurina Ali

Sadaf Hameed

Full Governing Body


Salma Mehboob, Andrea Holms, Vicki Lord, Anjum Zulfiqar, Kash Barlow, Jane Parkinson, Zurina Ali, Saadia Javaid,

Sadaf Hameed, Abdul Shahid,