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Irk Valley Community School

Irk Valley Community School

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Basic 3

Supersonic Phonics Scheme: Basic 3


Recognise, Build, Read and Write

The Basics 3 teaches children the spellings for the further 26 of the 44 sounds of the English language. Children will use their auditory processing and memory skills from Firm Foundations in Phonics 1 to start to recognise the spellings for the sound with Sam, segment and build with Seb and Bill, read and blend with Rex and Ben and write with Ron.

They will continue to learn the early concepts of Choose to Use with Suze for some further multiple spellings for sounds and an introduction to Switch it with Mitch for alternative pronunciations of spellings for sounds. Children will learn their tricky words with Tess and read nonsense words with Nan.


At the end of this phase:

  • Children will be able to hear up to 3 sounds in words, recognise spellings and read and write simple and complex CVC with the 44 spellings for sounds.
  • They will be able to read decodable texts with The Basics 2 and 3 spellings and make phonetically plausible attempts in their early stages of spelling in their writing journey.

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