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Irk Valley Community School

Irk Valley Community School

‘Welcome to our valley. We are proud to grow here together’

Visions and Values

VISION AND VALUES: What is special about Irk Valley?

This is Irk Valley’s vision of the school we strive every day to create. 



From the school’s vision come the five values that underpin all aspects of school life.


What is that fizzing inside? 

Come in and explore!  Walk through our blue doors and follow me.


What shall we do?


Follow the fizz, follow the sound, let's explore, all around. 


What is that fizzing inside?  I want to know more, I’m keen to explore.


Walk through our corridors and you see thousands of questions spilling out: why are they so tall?  Why are ants so small? Why do we look like our parents?  Why do I cry when I laugh? We all have a desire to find out more.


What is that fizzing inside?  Children’s excited faces at the school gates, a passion for stories, in awe of inventions.  Teachers wanting to find out how children learn best with a desire to spark everyone’s interest.   


Hundreds of questions make us wonder: Let’s become knowledge seekers and question keepers.


What is that fizzing inside?

From the River Valley to the Mountain Peak.


We start off strong with purpose and speed.  But then stumble, down onto our knees.  It is harder than we thought. Don’t worry, tell me what you need.


When tackling the rocky path, let’s work together to find a new route.  None of us are as smart as all of us.


Reaching the river ahead that poses new threats.  Take my hand and share the problem. Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.


A cold wind sweeps in and we are freezing!  Temperatures dropping fast.  Take my hand and huddle together.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts


A final obstacle is in our way.  The end is in sight.  A final bridge to cross. Take my hand and together we can succeed.  Working together for the better.  


Alone we can do so little, together we can achieve so much.

Four Seasons of Kindness


This is a kind school,

If you need me, I am there

If you need to talk, I will listen

I give you my time and a helping hand

Feel the warmth and care of the Summer sun. 


This is a kind school, 

We forgive and move on

I look after myself well, so that I can look after you too

An umbrella in the Autumn rain

This is a kind school

I consider how you feel and think before I speak

If I need to say something difficult, I will do it with love 

I challenge you and myself to be the best we can be

We grow and change together, the new life of Spring

This is a kind school

I smile at you, and you smile back

What you need, matters to me 

Everyone is included and important

I wrap around you with love 

Like a scarf on a Winter’s day

Irk’s Learning Tree


Our Irk learning tree is mighty, tall and strong. Its branches spread widely, making a safe place to learn and grow. 

Our learning tree is fed and supported by sturdy roots. We learn about the things that matter, the things that will help us in our lives, both academically and as people in the world. Learning matters - it begins even before the children arrive here, and it continues for a lifetime. 

The trunk of our tree is made of the people who learn here and grow together. Everyone learns at Irk Valley: children, parents and staff. We develop new knowledge and skills, held together with memorable shared experiences. Knowledge and skills are used again and again over time, strengthening us and becoming part of who we are. 

Our learning helps us grow and develop new branches. Each one of us, as individual as a leaf on our tree, are supported to develop our own unique talents. 

The outspread branches of our learning tree reach out into our community, into Manchester and the world. What we learn here makes a difference and has the power to change the world.

Looking in the mirror, what do I see?

My reflection staring back  - respect starts with me.


My eyes that notice others and what they need. Eyes that see people are all unique and equally important. Looking out for others,  to see how I can help.

My calm mouth that talks with manners and uses kind words. A mouth that speaks out when there is a problem and stands up for what is right. A smiling, friendly mouth, showing appreciation of what others do. 

My ears that love to hear many languages. Ears eagerly listening to new ideas. Ears hearing different points of view and seeking to understand, even when the view is different from their own. 

My open hands, welcoming and accepting. Caring hands that keep others safe. Hard-working hands doing their best, looking after our environment, helping out whenever they can.


I can make a better world. Respect starts with me.

Our new school prayer

Let us pray,


Help us to be kind today,

Respect each other when we play.

Guide us when we work and learn,  

collaborate, be curious and take turns.

Help me grow and be proud to be me!

Look after our Irk Valley Family.

Our new school song

Verse 1


In our valley, you are protected

Everyone is unique

We will open our arms to you

You will succeed no matter where you go



In our beautiful valley

We will guide and nurture you

We will carry you on our shoulders

To places and lands anew


Verse 2

We are a family

We live in this community

We work together, develop new branches

We grow together like blooming flowers


School song