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Irk Valley Community School

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Reading Corner



In this space, we want to bring children and families together with reading aloud examples, recommended texts and the latest on reading from the classroom.


Let's encourage great reading behaviours at school and home so our children can be confident readers.

 Plague Texts - what are they?

Doug Lemov, an educational writer and researcher in teaching, points out that there are 5 types of text that children should have access to. This will help them become confident readers. These texts demand more from the reader as they are complex. 


Here are the different types:

  • archaic language,
  • non-linear time sequence,
  • narrative complex,
  • figurative/ symbolic text and;
  • resistant texts. 


What do you do at Irk Valley?

At Irk Valley, we are teaching these types of texts to help children become more confident readers.    

In year 5, Wonder, our text in Autumn 1 is an example of both a non linear time sequence and a complex narrative.

In Autumn 2, we are studying extracts from A Christmas Carol and Skellig.  

Plague Texts in Detail and Y5 and Y6 Plague Text Examples

yesSeptember Recommended Readingyes

Each month, we recommend a book that children can read at home, with the help of family members too. This month's 'plague text'  is an archaic text


White Fang by Jack London

Reading Metrolink Map

The map is aimed at children aged 8-11, and encourages them to read books from different lines by a wide variety of authors. Children can hop on the School Tales line and then jump on to the Mystery and Magic line for example.

By exploring the Metrolink inspired map, your child will discover new books to take their reading in different directions. We all know someone who loves one particular author and is really reluctant to try someone else.


The books are available for everyone to borrow from Manchester Libraries in physical or digital formats.