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Irk Valley Community School

Irk Valley Community School

‘Welcome to our valley. We are proud to grow here together’

Pupil Voice

Key Stage One

Children in KS1 feel confident with their learning in Design & Technology and have a sense of achievement and pride in the work they carry out. They recognise how they transfer skills learnt in English and Maths into a Design & Technology project. Children responded saying they feel that they are making good progress and have learnt lots throughout the year. They continued to say learning objectives are clear and their teachers always share with them how to be successful in a lesson as well as explain the context of it (why the lesson is happening.) The responses from the children also show how KS1 teachers model and explain things clearly within lessons to help children make progress.

Lower Key Stage Two

Children in LKS2 commented that they feel proud of the work they complete in Design & Technology and are confident in their lessons. They enjoy Design & Technology because “we always have one hands on activity in every topic… and creating something is my favourite part.”  Children like “combining what they learn in Science with the stuff they do in DT.”  “Design and Technology is important because it helps us get ready for when you’re older, it gives you chance to express yourself and explore what you are good at.” Children in LKS2 particularly enjoyed their topic on ‘moving mechanisms’ They said what helps them to learn the most is when the teacher gives clear instructions and shows them exactly what to do at the front of the class.

Upper Key Stage Two

Children in UKS2 said they have a clear understanding of what they are learning in Design & Technology and the purpose of projects they carry out. They enjoy Design and Technology because “it allows them to express their creativity” .. “and everyone can join in the lesson.” They like that “the things they make are for a real purpose which makes them want to do it more.”  They think Design & Technology is important because “it could help them get a job when they are older, like a builder or a game creator.” Children in UKS2 commented that they can see the link between English and Maths, but also other lessons “like history. It allow them to build something (a shelter) and imagine what life was like in the past (WW2) so I could learn more.” Children said they learn best when teachers give them feedback in their lessons for how to improve their work.