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Summer Term 1

Why were these famous explorers so important?

What are we learning about?

This term, children will be learning all about famous explorers - Ibn Battuta and Matthew Henson.


Who was Ibn Battuta?

Ibn Battuta was born in 1304. He was a great explorer who spent nearly 30 years travelling. It is thought he travelled over 78,000 miles visiting the the same as 44 modern countries. In 1354, he told a writer what happened on his journeys and these stories were written up in the Rihla.

Was Matthew Henson the first human to set foot on the North Pole?

It is not certain whether Matthew Henson and the other explorers with him were the first to reach the North Pole in April 1909. Even so, Matthew Henson should be remembered as a skilled polar explorer. For years, he did not receive the same recognition as his white co-explorer due to racism.

Why are some people in history considered to be significant?

There are lots of reasons why someone might be considered to be important in history. It might be that their actions changed things for people or that they achieved something great.

How are significant explorers remembered?

Significant people, including explorers, are remembered in lots of different ways. Some explorers have places named after them. Some have their pictures on stamps or there might be statues to commemorate them.