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The importance of valuing others, listening to different viewpoints, taking care of belongings, manners, appreciating the diversity which exists in our community and beyond


The determination to reach the highest standards, every day.


The desire to grow and develop, achieving the best for ourselves and each other.


The knowledge that working with others, asking for help when needed and supporting others to develop are the foundations of growth.


The importance of joy in what we do, discovering our strengths and using them.

2T Diary!

Aut 2 Week 7:

Sorry we haven't updated our diary recently, we've been focusing really hard on ending our first term in Year 2 on a high!  The children have worked so hard completing their end of term assessments, undertaking their Phonics screening, performing/ recording holiday messages for our best Christmas EVER and completing our DT advent calendar project.  We are extremely proud of them all for their hard work and resilience throughout the last 7 weeks!  All our highlights can be seen below..

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the holidays.  See you all back in school on Tuesday 5th January 2021!

Miss Thomas and Miss Connor

Aut 2 Week 4

This week we've begun our run up to the holiday season.  You will see many, if not all, of our activities on here or posted onto class dojos over the coming weeks!

It's been another busy week; we've recorded our own exercise video in Science, written some excellent character descriptions of the chocolate monster in English, learnt ways to add 3 one digit numbers and in Art created our own version of a famous landscape again!  Below are a few examples of this weeks Art work.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe 2T.  Miss Thomas and Miss Connor.

Aut 2 Week 3

It's seemed longer than 5 days this week but 2T have been extremely busy! We've:

  • Finished our non fiction booklet all about chocolate in English.
  • Perfected our part-whole and column method(s) in Maths - this will again be consolidated in this weeks homework!
  • Undertaken an experiment to find out which activities worked different parts of our bodies; which was fun.
  • Learnt about Metzinger's mosaic and tried creating our own mosaic artwork, it was a lot harder than expected but the children displayed lots of self belief and resilience!

All this plus completing tasks for Anti-Bullying Week, our Irk Valley Christmas Card Competition entries and learning about World Children's Day.  Well done 2T you've been fantastic, keep it up!


Aut Term 2, Week 2

What a week! The children have been working extremely hard learning new methods for adding two 2-digit numbers which has been a little tricky but we will be resilient and continue practising next week.  We've introduced our new online resource 'Reading Eggs' which we can't wait to see the children thrive on.  Login details can be found in reading records or on Google Classroom.

Our favourite lesson of the week was Art  and it was a huge success!  Following on from our initial work looking at Monet's artwork and taking inspiration from Mrs Lord's assembly about remembrance, we asked the children to paint a garden landscape containing poppies.  They used sponges, their fingers and cotton buds to apply the paint to include texture, everyone who has seen our final outcomes love them!  Our artwork can be found on the Year 2 Art Gallery, please click here to see them all.

Please can you remind the children to bring their reading records and books into school every Tuesday and Friday so they can be changed, thank you to those who already do so it's very much appreciated.

Miss Thomas and Miss Connor

Welcome back! We can't wait to start Autumn Term 2.

This week 2T have begun lots of new topics; in English we are focusing on books about Chocolate, this will progress into our Geography lesson where we will learn where chocolate originates from.

In Maths we are using our understanding of numbers and applying it with addition and we've introduce new methods for solving addition calculations.

In Science our new topic is 'Healthy Me' throughout the half term we will learn about what we need to eat and do to keep healthy so lots of P.E skills will be on show! We hope you all enjoyed parents evening in our new COVID safe way, it was lovely to speak to you individually about how the children have been getting on.  If you do have any questions or concerns please message us on Class Dojo.

Miss Thomas and Miss Connor

Week 7...

Before we end the week with our Spooky PJ Day, we like to share what we have been up to this week!

  • We have written some excellent diary entries in the perspective of the superhero or astronaut in our focus text; Tough Guys.  We have some examples below and we have even recorded the children reading them aloud to share with you all.  Please click the link below to watch for yourself.
  • We've perfected throwing the foam javelins in PE with Coach Mark.
  • We've been working scientifically in Science undertaking an experiment to test which materials were waterproof and which were absorbent for a tent.

Below are the photographs shared on Class Dojo's throughout the week of our week in 2T.

Week 6; Whole School Art Project:

Everyone at Irk Valley have been perfecting drawing their self portraits this half term.  Over the last few weeks we've been drawing facial features in proportion, practiced different shades, tones and drawing techniques along with experimenting with a range of materials/ media including oil pastels, colouring pencils, chalk and charcoal.


2T decided to use oil pastels to complete their self portraits.  We were amazed at how well they look, the children have really thought about the features and techniques whilst completing.  Here are a few examples but to see all of 2T's Self Portraits please click on the Year 2 link shown below.


Week 6 continued.

On Monday we had a special delivery of photos of superheroes after a short discussion we decided they were looking a little upset. We uncovered our last focus book of this half term to reveal 'Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too)'  we read the book together and talked about our favourite part and character.  In Maths we are looking at partitioning two-digit numbers in different ways ie.

54 = 50 + 4                        54 = 30 + 24                          54 = 10 + 44

                  54 = 40 + 14                     54 = 20 + 34                         

To end the day in Science we conducted an experiment to investigate if using forces changed a range of materials.  We tried and tested elastic band, playdough, paper, wood and metal to see if we could squash, bend, twist  or stretch them.  Here are some photographs of our experiment...

Week 6...

Welcome to a new week in 2T, we have lots of exciting lessons planned this week including introducing a new focus book in our English lesson which we are sure the children will love!

As we are now settled in and use to our new routines we thought we would explain reading a little clearer.  As you will have seen in the front of the children's purple reading record is a bookworm challenge signing sheet (as shown opposite)
This is a reading reward scheme we have introduced in Key Stage 1.  Miss Connor will add her signature each book changing day (Tuesday and Friday) if the children have read at home.  Once they have completed and achieved the 25 signatures, the children will be presented with a red badge and move on to their orange bookworm challenge.   Who will be the first in 2T to achieve their red challenge badge?

Week 5...

This week we've welcomed a new pupil to 2T, we have loved showing Mohammed our routines and getting to know him better.  We hope he'll soon love Irk Valley just as much as we do!  Congratulations and well done to all our award winners this week, you have all shown excellent commitment in our class life and work.  Keep it up :)

We have begun printing and presenting Matthletics certificates for those who log on at home and achieve points.  I wonder who will be awarded their bronze or even silver certificate next week?  Login details can be found in their reading records.

In English we've been writing our character descriptions of Vashti from our focus book 'The Dot.'  Miss Thomas and Miss Connor are extremely proud of the work the children have produced, we've added some photographs of their writing and our activities throughout the week below for you all to see.

Just a quick message to parents, could you ensure the children are bringing a water bottle into school each day please and that purple reading records and reading books are brought to school each Tuesday and Friday, signed after reading at home.  Thank you!

Miss Thomas and Miss Connor

Week 4..

We reintroduced Guided Reading and our Reading club this week, we can't wait to see the children progress through the book bands and improving their fluency and comprehension skills.  Please remember to sign your reading records when you've read at home, just 5-10 minutes each night will make a massive difference, thank you.

In our English lessons we are continuing with our resilience theme reading and working with 'The Dot' by Peter Reynolds, the children have loved reading this and are already really good at retelling Vashti's progression from a sharp jab to a whole colourful dotty exhibition!  We've ended the week looking at verbs and adjectives to describe ourselves ready for our learning next week..

In Maths, we have been excelling at identifying tens and ones, this is also what our homework is focusing on this week, we're getting better at using the concrete resources too.  The children in our Maths club on a Monday evening are using them to partition two-digit numbers.

A huge well done to all our celebrities this week, choosing the children for these awards are becoming more difficult as they are all settling in so well and trying their best.  Have a lovely weekend and we'll see you on Monday!

Miss Thomas and Miss Connor

Week 3..

It seems to be turning into a wet week as Wednesday has ended, please ensure the children bring their coats to school as we do go outside at playtime/ lunchtime even if it is raining.

The children have this evening been sent home with three letters, two are for after school clubs run by the class teachers.  The club will only contain children from our class to maintain our bubbles safety.  If you would like your child to attend each Monday and/ or Tuesday please sign and return the slip by the date shown.

Finally please could all parents keep the main doors clear while waiting to collect the children, this is so the children can enter and exit the building safely.  In the current set up Miss Connor and Mrs Malone are working together to get the children from the classrooms to the office so there is potentially a slight delay, we are working on trying to quicken this process but please bare with us.  Thank you.

Finally, here are a few of our first ever final piece of writing, our letters to Humpty Dumpty to encourage him to be resilient and to not give up climbing the wall.  Well done 2T!

Week 2 - Part 2...

The end of the week has been alot more structured in Year 2 and the children are busy getting on with our whole school projects for writing and art.

Our art project is based on creating our own self portraits which we are really looking forward to completing and sharing as each classes final pieces will be completely different!  Thursday also meant computing which the children love, this half term we will be logging onto PurpleMash to introduce coding and the understanding of algorithms.

Reading books have been sent home tonight please could you sign their reading record once you have read at home however please remember to bring them back into school on a Tuesday and Friday only to be changed.

Homework has again been set on Google Classroom for the children, we can't wait to see all of your submissions and to comment back.

Please do message us on Class Dojo if you have any questions, have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday morning :)

Miss Thomas and Miss Connor

We just had to share our new corridor display "Amazing Me"

We asked the children what was their favourite part/ feature of themselves was then photographed and captioned each image.

A lovely way to promote our skill for life; self-belief by celebrating themselves!

Week 2 - Wednesday Update!

We've had such a busy week so far and it's only Wednesday! 

The children are all settling into the class amazingly and today we've had our first 'REACH' certificate winners - well done to Hawa-Noor and Joshua for receiving this week's respect certificate.

So far this week we have begun our writing project based on a book called 'After the Fall'  poor Humpty Dumpty had fallen off the wall but was extremely frightened to climb up high anywhere.  This book has been chosen as we are working as a school to bounce back and rebuild our resilience, so watch this space for our written outcomes in the coming weeks!

In Maths we have been recapping numbers to 40, this has involved using resources to group amounts into 10s and learning ways to count quicker and easier.  This weeks homework will also consolidate our learning.

Each morning Miss Thomas has been taking children and listening to them read and respond to questions so we can see where each are working in preparation for reading books going home on Friday whilst Miss Connor has been teaching Phonics and practicing letter formation building on what the children already know.

Here are some photographs of our week so far...


Week 1:

Hello Parents/ Carers.  Welcome back we hope you've all had a lovely summer and are ready for another year at Irk Valley.

This week we have loved getting to know the children and getting them use to our new school day routines along with rebuilding their friendships with each other after such a long time apart.  However, there are a few things we'd like to share...

  • PE is on Tuesday and Thursday's.  The children can come to school dressed in their kits on these days.
  • Reading Books will only be changed on a Tuesday and a Friday.  Although these will not be sent home until next week.
  • Homework will be set on Google Classroom each Friday and needs to be completed and submitted the following Thursday.  Login details can be found in the children's purple reading records, please let us know if you are having any issues accessing Google Classroom.

Miss Thomas and Miss Connor