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Irk Valley Community School


The importance of valuing others, listening to different viewpoints, taking care of belongings, manners, appreciating the diversity which exists in our community and beyond


The determination to reach the highest standards, every day.


The desire to grow and develop, achieving the best for ourselves and each other.


The knowledge that working with others, asking for help when needed and supporting others to develop are the foundations of growth.


The importance of joy in what we do, discovering our strengths and using them.

Learning at Home

Our home learning page will give pupils links to lessons and interactive resources to help you continue learning if you are at home.

You can access these lessons on any device: phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Summer 2 : What's the weather like?


In English this term we will be focusing on instructions and poetry. 


This half term we will be focusing on the following learning objectives:


Number & Place Value:

- count to and across 100, forwards and backwards, beginning with 0 or 1, or from any given number

- count, read and write numbers to 100 in numerals; count in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s

- identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations including the number line, and use the language of: equal to, more than, less than (fewer), most, least

- read and write numbers from 1 to 20 in numerals and words.


Addition & Subtraction

- read, write and interpret mathematical statements involving addition (+), subtraction (-) and equals (=) signs

- represent and use number bonds and related subtraction facts within 20

- add and subtract one-digit and two-digit numbers to 20, including 0

- solve one-step problems that involve addition and subtraction, using concrete objects and pictorial representations, and missing number problems such as 7 = ? - 9.

Counting by 2s

Counting by 5s

Counting By 10s


We are focusing on phase 5 in phonics which introduces new ways of spelling the sounds that the children have previously learnt. Here are some phonics teaching videos and games: 


This half term we will be focusing on different materials (and their properties) and animals. 


We will cover the following learning objectives:


Identify and name a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Identify and name a variety of common animals that are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.

Describe and compare the structure of a variety of common animals (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, including pets).

Distinguish between an object and the material from which it is made. Identify and name a variety of everyday materials including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock.

Describe the simple physical properties of a variety of everyday materials.

Compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of their simple physical properties.

Working scientifically skills:

Ask simple questions and recognise that they can be answered in different ways.

Observe closely, using simple equipment.

Perform simple tests.

Identify and classify.

Use observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions.

Gather and record data to help in answering questions.



We have an amazing online resource used to promote cursive handwriting in the form of Letter-join.  This can be accessed from anywhere using the link below.  The schools login details can be found inside the children's reading record.

Reading Eggs 


Reading Eggs is the online reading program that helps children learn to read. Hundreds of online reading lessons, phonics games and books for ages 2–13.