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The importance of valuing others, listening to different viewpoints, taking care of belongings, manners, appreciating the diversity which exists in our community and beyond


The determination to reach the highest standards, every day.


The desire to grow and develop, achieving the best for ourselves and each other.


The knowledge that working with others, asking for help when needed and supporting others to develop are the foundations of growth.


The importance of joy in what we do, discovering our strengths and using them.


Multicultural Day - Kabaddi


As part of our recent Multi-cultural Day, children in years 5 and 6 participated in a series of "Kabaddi" matches.

Kabaddi is a popular game in Asia, especially in Pakistan and India but the recent World Cup shows its popularity is growing worldwide.


How do you play Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is a team game. Two teams, each having 7 in court players, compete with each other to get higher scores. Individual brilliance is exhibited when a player raids the opponent’s court. The team spirit, the team togetherness and team strategy comes into play when an opponent raider enters your court. The most important player requirement is stamina and lungpower. You should be able to keep your breath for a long time without any break in between. 


What is a raid? 

From your team you have to send, one player to the other teams court to raid. The raider starts from the centerline uttering aloud, “Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi…” without any break. He would be actually running from one side to the other side of the opponent’s court trying to touch either with his hand or leg an opponent. Once he touches an opponent, he will, without breaking the “Kabaddi, Kabaddi…” rhythm come back to his court through the centerline. The people he had touched are his teams point scored. If he had touched one player, it is 1 point and if he had touched 3 players, it is 3 points to your team.

Through out the day, teams played with great courage and determination but also with a sense of fair play. All the teams were a credit to their teachers. Well done everyone!