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Irk Valley Community School

Irk Valley Community School

‘Welcome to our valley. We are proud to grow here together’

Homework, Reading & Phonics

Homework sheets are given out every Friday and should be completed by the following Wednesday

We have sent each of the children home with a red homework book which they can use to complete any written tasks or handwriting inside. Please take a photograph and attach it to your Dojo portfolio.


We encourage the children to complete their homework as independently as possible as work set consolidates their learning activities during the week. You can of course discuss the topic with your child though if necessary.

Reading Books:

Please ensure that your child reads for at least 10 minutes a day and, where possible, is listened to by an adult. 

We 'strive for 5' signatures in your child's Reading Record each week to show that your child has read their book and can talk about it. If there are not enough signatures then your child will be asked to keep their book to read and understand it better.


What do parents need to know about home reading?

  • Reading books should be brought in every day
  • Children are listened to read by the Teacher or Teaching assistant during the week.  In Year 1, your child will have a one-to-one reading session every week. 
  • Comments in the reading diary will focus on phonics and fluency.
  • Bookmarks give ideas for comprehension questions related to books.
  • To promote reading and positive attitudes, school will hand out certificates, stamps and stickers.


Don't forget to share different types of books too - fairytales, comics, books in your home language or fact books too. It all counts!


Supersonic Phonic Friends Parent Newsletter:


Once the children have completed a 'group' of sounds within their daily Phonics lessons they will be sent home with a Parent Newsletter to share with their families and to practise at home.


The sheets contain all the sounds they have been taught and a selection of words that contain the focus sounds. Please encourage the children to segment and blend these words, then 'read with speed' which will help improve their reading fluency over time.