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Irk Valley Community School


The importance of valuing others, listening to different viewpoints, taking care of belongings, manners, appreciating the diversity which exists in our community and beyond


The determination to reach the highest standards, every day.


The desire to grow and develop, achieving the best for ourselves and each other.


The knowledge that working with others, asking for help when needed and supporting others to develop are the foundations of growth.


The importance of joy in what we do, discovering our strengths and using them.

End of Year 1 Expectations

End of Year 1 Expectations

by the end of summer term 2 in July 2022

Working at the Expected Standard children should be able to:

  • Count to 100, forwards and backwards, beginning with 0 or 1, or from any given number
  • Count, read and write numbers to 100 in numerals
  • Read and write numbers from 1 to 20 in words
  • Count in multiples of twos, fives and tens
  • Identify one more and one less of a given number
  • Know number bonds within 20
  • Add and subtract one-digit and two-digit numbers to 20, including zero
  • Recognise groups which have more/less objects by using words such as ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’
  • Recognise and name common 2-D shapes Eg. rectangles, circles and triangles and 3-D shapes Eg. cuboids including cubes, pyramids and spheres
  • Recognise and use language relating to dates, including days of the week, weeks, months and years
  • Recognise and know the value of different denominations of coins and notes
  • Tell the time to the hour and half past the hour and draw the hands on a clock face to show these times

Working Above the Expected Standard/ Greater Depth children should be confident in all the above ‘Working at the Expected Standard’ objectives, plus:

  • Solve addition and subtraction questions with missing numbers such as 7 = ? - 9.
  • Solve multiplication and division, by calculating the answer using concrete objects, pictorial representations and arrays with support
  • Recognise, find and name a half as one of two equal parts of an object, shape or quantity
  • Recognise, find and name a quarter as one of four equal parts of an object, shape or quantity
  • Measure and begin to record the following units: lengths/heights; mass/weight; capacity/volume; time (hours, minutes, seconds)