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The importance of valuing others, listening to different viewpoints, taking care of belongings, manners, appreciating the diversity which exists in our community and beyond


The determination to reach the highest standards, every day.


The desire to grow and develop, achieving the best for ourselves and each other.


The knowledge that working with others, asking for help when needed and supporting others to develop are the foundations of growth.


The importance of joy in what we do, discovering our strengths and using them.

19-20 6T

Welcome to 6T

Year 6 will be a very exciting and challenging year. The children will be learning important skills to help with their transition into secondary school. Expectations are high from the teachers. We ask parents to join us in the journey of their child's education.

Meet The Y6T Team

Picture 1 Teacher Mr Thomas
Picture 2 Teaching Assistant Mrs Liew
Picture 1 Miss Smith
Picture 2 Mr Glynn

Science Assembly


On Thursday 30th January, we presented our class assembly. We talked about the circulatory system, the effect exercise has on the body and the impact of eating healthily. Two blood cells traveled around the circulatory system to demonstrate how oxygen is delivered to the working muscles and carbon dioxide is disposed. We even used a real cow's heart to show how blood is pumped from the heart around the body!


Our exercise crew demonstrated a range of exercise techniques to get your muscles working: cycling, skipping and circuit training. We informed our audience on how to correctly portion their food and finished with our own Who Wants To Be An Irk Valley Millionaire Quiz!

This week, Year 6 travelled to South Manchester for a trip to Crucial Crew.  We had an informative morning learning about how to stay safe on the bus and tram systems, bike safety, how to perform CPR in an emergency situation, how to stay safe in bodies of water and learnt all about the consequences of antisocial behaviour.  We also learnt about the effects of alcohol and cigarettes on our body- we even got to wear 'beer goggles' and complete a challenge whilst wearing them.  It was very, very tricky! The information provided during the sessions was very important as we are growing up and becoming more independent as we move up to Secondary School, therefore it is vital that we know how to keep ourselves and others safe.

Irk Valley Careers Day!


Today we had a lot of visitors to our school who were invited to speak about their professions.  We had a Web Designer, an Asda worker, a British Gas Engineer, a television Cameraman among many more.  It was very exciting and we learnt a lot.  We were also asked to dress up as a career of our choice.

Careers Day Snippets!





School will be hosting a coffee morning EVERY FRIDAY FROM 9.30AM-10.00AM in The Hub.  It will be a fantastic opportunity have a hot or cold drink and a chat with other parents and local residents.  If you have little children, please bring them with you- there will be many toys and books to keep them entertained.


We hope to see you there!



It's finally arrived! Irk Valley Community School SATs Week 2019!

It's finally arrived! Irk Valley Community School SATs Week 2019! 1

This week marks the beginning of Year 6 SATs week.  We are very proud of how hard 6T have worked all year and we know that they will smash these tests.  Please see below the SATs Timetable:



GRAMMAR: 9.15-10.00 (45 mins)

                      9.15-10.12 (56 mins)


SPELLING: 10.45-11.00 (15-20 mins approx.)


READING: 9.15-10.15 (1hour)

                    9.15-10.30 (1 hour 15 mins)



MATHS 1: 9.15-9.45 (30 mins)

                   9.15-9.53 (38 mins)


MATHS 2: 10.30-11.10 (40 mins)

                   10.30-11.20 (50 mins)



MATHS 3: 9.15-9.55 (40 mins)

                   9.15-10.05 (50 mins)


Good Luck 6T! You are all amazing!

Take a sneak peak at our wonderful Class Book! We use this book to document all of the brilliant activities we do in class that are linked to different parts of the Curriculum. We hope you enjoy looking at it and seeing all of the things we get up to!

6T Final Competition entry and our fabulous Class Book!

6T Final Competition entry and our fabulous Class Book! 1
6T Final Competition entry and our fabulous Class Book! 2
Drum roll please...We won 3rd place in our whole-school Waste Week competition! It was a very tense moment when the winners were announced- we were on the edge of our seats! Our brilliant prize was £30 to spend on whatever we like! We can't wait to spend it! We are very proud of our achievement. We worked very hard as a whole class to produce an amazing piece of artwork using plastic which would otherwise have been destined for the bin.  Well done!

Waste Week Guest Post!

Waste Week Guest Post! 1
Waste Week Guest Post! 2
Waste Week Guest Post! 3


My name is Zoha and I am a member of the Irk Valley Eco Team. I am a representative for my year and also a judge for our Waste Week competition.  Our Waste Week has been truly amazing. Our decisions were so hard to make as the competition entries were all so astounding.  The judging was the culmination of an action-packed week of activities, assemblies and learning about the devastating effects of plastic on our delicate environment.  This week also saw the introduction of our plastic recycling boxes in school too.  After much deliberation and heated discussions, we decided that the winner of the £75 prize was 3MG as they had a plant pot and a beautiful handbag made from plastic.  2nd place £50 runner-up was 1M with their bird-feeder entry.  3rd place £30 winner was 6T with our jaw-dropping aquarium and 4th place £20 winner was 5E with their robot entry.  Well done to all participants and thank you for making our Waste Week competition a fabulous success!


Waste Week in 6T

This week at Irk Valley we were set a challenge by our Eco Team to make a project using plastic as part of a whole-school competition. We have been learning about the dangers posed by discarded plastic, particularly when it enters our oceans.  We had great fun painting, gluing and assembling our class project. Let's see if we win!

Kiskeya's and Maja's amazing competition entries!

Kiskeya's and Maja's amazing competition entries! 1
Kiskeya's and Maja's amazing competition entries! 2
To add strength to our Waste Week competition battle, Kiskeya and Maya produced these jaw-dropping masterpieces.  Thank you for your entries! Good luck to all!

Science: measuring our lung capacity.

As part our our commitment to taking care of the local community and being good citizens, we regularly undertake litter picking sessions in our local area.  6T were utterly dismayed at the amount of litter and fly-tipping around our school.  As part of our dedication to combating this blight on our local area, we wrote letters to our local MP demanding that action be taken to fight this important issue.

Science Day- Children had lots of fun taking part in science activities all day. Y6T learnt about the chemical reactions in sherbet, recreated a working set of lungs and created slime with the science boffin.


Still image for this video

Kabbadi Game during Multicultural Day

Week beginning Monday 3rd December 2018- the children will have assessment tests on:

  • Reading
  • Arithmetic
  • Maths reasoning 1
  • Maths reasoning 2
  • Grammar, punctuation and spellings


Children could access the following websites for revision material and extra practise:

Picture 1

Robin Wood (19th -21st October 2018)

Get ready to participate in activities that will challenge, develop teamwork and stimulate the imagination.

Language Day (Year 6T explored the French language in a French cafe setting, the children took on different roles in the cafe taking orders and ordering in French)

Year 6 French Language Day

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Important information for Y6 parents to read

Weekly Attendance:

Our attendance this week was 93%


Hot Choc Friday:

This week,  Alyia was chosen to be part of Hot Choc Friday celebrations.


Phone-call Home:

This week, Ibrahim was chosen to receive a positive phone-call home.


Headteacher's Award:

Aiza is thrilled to receive the award for being respectful.



Special Note Home:

Iman achieved the special note home.

Our Golden Rules