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Irk Valley Community School


The importance of valuing others, listening to different viewpoints, taking care of belongings, manners, appreciating the diversity which exists in our community and beyond


The determination to reach the highest standards, every day.


The desire to grow and develop, achieving the best for ourselves and each other.


The knowledge that working with others, asking for help when needed and supporting others to develop are the foundations of growth.


The importance of joy in what we do, discovering our strengths and using them.

International School

Different but equal

An international rationale

The governors and staff recognise that global issues are an important part of the lives of our pupils living in a world where economies are increasingly interdependent and global communication is a daily reality. At Irk Valley Community School both governors and staff believe that the global dimension should be reflected in the attitudes and values of our pupils, the ethos of the school, the Programmes of Study and Key Skills. 

Through the inclusion of an international focus in Irk Valley Community Primary School, we are able to offer to our pupils, a range of experiences that will enhance their learning and raise awareness of their national and international identity.

  • To provide an informed awareness of countries, cultures and languages other than their own.
  • To encourage greater involvement in     
    environmental issues.
  • To encourage greater involvement in environmental issues.
  • To develop curiosity about other cultures.
  • To enable pupils, staff and governors to experience daily life in other countries.
  • To promote the use of ICT in meaningful contexts for the development of communication skills.
  • To provide an added opportunity for the promotion of equal opportunities, racial equality and Citizenship.
  • To prepare pupils for life in a diverse global society and work in a competitive global economy
  • To work with global partners to achieve their educational goals and ours.
  • To raise the attainment in writing through emailing, letters,newspaper reports, etc.
  • To provide opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills.

International Awards


We have achieved out International Schools Award.

We have achieved out International Schools Award.  1

Our Friends Around The World


At Irk Valley, we have made friends with schools around the world. We are 
friends with schools in Pakistan and India and recently we have started a 
partnership with schools in Tanzania, Massachusetts (USA),Texas (USA) and Sri Lanka. 

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Staff and pupils at Irk Valley Community School have been in partnership with Central Model School In Khanewal, Pakistan since January 2012 after the international School's coordinator in Pakistan contacted us to offer a partnership. The partnership was discussed through telephone calls and emails and once both schools agreed on linking together, a partnership agreement was drawn up to highlight the main aims of the partnership. 

Main Aims
To integrate global development issues into the curriculum and extend the children's view of the world. 
To promote a better understanding of cultures and traditions between the schools. 

Peace One Day 

Pupils in Pakistan carried out a day of activities to promote peace around the world.

Celebrating the Olympics

National Pakistan Day - 23rd March


Our partnership with Kamla Nehru Public School. Phagwara, India began in January 2012. Contact was made via email and a partnership was set up based on some main aims. The partnership has been very successful in that staff from both schools have visited each other and taken part in some teaching activities. 

In June 2014, 2 members of staff and 2 students from Kamla Nehru Public School will visit us to carry out joint projects and plan future projects. Staff at Irk Valley will visit Kamla Nehru Public School in August 2014. 

Many projects have been carried out such as:

Eating rights
Communicable diseases
Living Safely

Annual Festival 
Paigaame - e - Aman

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