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The importance of valuing others, listening to different viewpoints, taking care of belongings, manners, appreciating the diversity which exists in our community and beyond


The determination to reach the highest standards, every day.


The desire to grow and develop, achieving the best for ourselves and each other.


The knowledge that working with others, asking for help when needed and supporting others to develop are the foundations of growth.


The importance of joy in what we do, discovering our strengths and using them.

Exciting Things Happening in 2W!

Project Homework - Show and Tell Factfiles and Masks.

On the final day of the term Year 2 invited all their parents into school to share their factfiles and original masks produced by themselves at home.

It was so lovely to see you all in school, we hoped you enjoyed the afternoon!

Visit from SMJ Falconry.

Year 2 had some very special visits on Thursday.  Chris from SMJ Falconry came into school and brought along four of their owls for us to look at, learn more about and the children even had the opportunity to hold the owls!

World Book Day.

School Trip to Abraham Moss Library.

We were so excited to visit the Library, even more when we were walking there.  Maybe not the big hill though!

Design and Technology during Spring Term 1.

Throughout Spring Term 1 during our Topic lessons Year 2 will be designing and creating their own dragon, based on those seen during Chinese New Year.

We have researched and learnt about different types of dragons from around the world.  Then we're given a design specification to follow; the dragon had to be moveable, colourful and at least 10cm long.  We held investigations into which would be the best material to make our dragons from then another to decide which method of joining would be most suitable and allow for the best movement.

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Following our investigations the children found; card was the best material to use as it was easily cut and coloured in.  Then using split pins ensure the card was flexible and freely moved up and down meeting our specification.

Next we planned our exact design for the dragons body, it would have at least 5 circles as its body.  The children came up with some amazing designs.  The following day we began colouring each of our final circle for making the dragon.

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January 2019 -  Multicultural Day.

December 2018 - Science Day.

Thank You to all those who dressed up to help us celebrate Science Day at Irk Valley.  Throughout the day all the children  seem to throughly enjoy working scienifically completing the experiments within our Key Stage carousel. 

Hopefully the children have told you all about the day, if not please ask them to share!

November 2018 - Chocolatier

Year 2 had an extra special treat to help finish off our topic work all about Chocolate.  A lovely lady named Louise came into school with some yummy ingredients to give us the experience of becoming chocolatiers, just like Mr. Willy Wonka from our focus text!

We became by discussing our favourite chocolate bars and where chocolate came from, she even brought in a replica cocoa pod to help us visualise the process.  

Then the fun part, we were each given a piping bag and a large blob of delicious, melted chocolate to pipe into silcone moulds.  It was a bit messy for some of us and we had to be quick because the chocolate was beginning to set.  Once we had placed then in the fridge we began our favourite creation - our unique chocolate lollipops!  Louise placed another large blob of melted chocolate in the middle of some greaseproof paper and the children had to bang either side of the paper to flatten and even the chocolate, making a circle shape. 

After that, Louise had placed a variety of halal sweets in bowls and the children were able to go wild and decorate their lollipop however they wished, they too went into the fridge to set.  We removed the silcone moulds and popped them out onto the table, we placed them into a cellophane bag to take them home.

We had such an enjoyable session with Louise and becoming a Chocolatier, even just for one day, is amazing!

Switch Off Fortnight

We celebrated Switch Off fortnight between 19th - 30th November and ended by having an afternoon using no electricity!  It was so strange having no Interactive Whiteboard switched on. 


Anti Bullying Week

The week of 12th November is nationally recognised as Anti-Bullying Week.  Our weekly assembly was to ensure we were able to recognise bullying within school and how to deal with a bullying if we ever saw it.  Along with the assemblies and the lessons the children each signed a pledge against bullying.

As with many schools around the country we have celebrated our differences by wearing odd socks for a day.  The children have loved showing off their odd socks so we extended ours to be odd socks week! 

Our School Trip to Blackpool Circus

Year 2W stepped aboard the coach on Tuesday 16th October and awaited our arrival at the most amazing destination - Blackpool Tower! It was huge inside and out, once we arrived we had to walk up lots and lots of stairs; alot of the child's legs were tired when we finally reached level 4 but we only had a short walk to our classroom where we met Jamie.

In the first hour Jamie delivered a powerpoint presentation sharing a brief history of the circus and the types of clowns; we were able to share our knowledge from our topic sessions too and he was very impressed!  After that, Jamie even taught us how to juggle using different coloured material and beanbags.. The children had lots of fun and were very resilient focusing on the throw, move, catch technique.

At lunchtime we were treated to a once in a lifetime experience as we were allowed to sit on the balcony of the famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom watching the crowds of people dance below, the children were so respectful clapping at the end of every dance.

Finally, the event we were anticipating the most, it was time to go and watch the circus!  The children (and teachers!) were speechless throughout, the circus was amazing.  We only wish we could have recorded their faces throughout as it would show you much more than words could ever portray.  I'm sure every child had their own favourite part but we all loved Mooky and Mr Boo!

Here are the many photographs from the day... 

Black History Day

On Monday 1st October, during our weekly assembly Ms Owen introduced us to Black History month which is celebrated in the UK during October.  She told us briefly why it's celebrated and named a few famous people we may be aware of.  We loved listening to the Michael Jackson track, it was very catchy!  We were told we would be learning much more about these famous people when we celebrated Black History Day on Friday.


On Friday, we began by discussing what makes ourselves special along with what we are good at and what we aren't good at yet!  The children wrote and drew some excellent responses.  After break we completed our own self portraits to recognise our 'wholeness.'  Once finished we repeated our portraits but used multi-colours to reflect and celebrate our differences.  We have some fantastic artist in Year 2W we can't wait to share these with you all in our SMSC book on Parent Open Day!

In the afternoon we listened to Miss Watterson read the story 'Amazing Grace' once discussed we wrote our own narrative of the story to share.  Amazing Grace is all about a little girl who is told by her peers she could not be Peter Pan in the school play because she was a black and a girl!  With the help and support of her family along with her own determination she amazed her teachers in the auditions and was given the role of Peter Pan.




To end our lovely day we went on the iPads and researched famous black people from history, picking out key facts to share with each other, the children were very sensible and found some extremely interesting information out about Nelson Mandela, Michael Jordan, Muhammed Ali and Barack Obama.

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European Day of Languages

On Friday 28th September we celebrated European Day of Languages at Irk Valley.  In Year 2 we do not learn a modern foreign language but we wanted to join in with the day and celebrate the languages we and those around us speak!

We talked about languages and why they were important to us, we practiced saying hello in lots of different languages just like we do when answering the register each morning then we each made a poster to share the different ways of saying hello to other classes whilst listening to some of our favourite Nursery Rhymes in foreign languages; it was so funny trying to guess which rhyme it was.. Here's a short video from the day!

Year 2W - European Day of Languages

Still image for this video