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Eco School

We achieved our BRONZE Eco-Schools Award

We achieved our BRONZE Eco-Schools Award 1

The Eco Team is  a group of children, led by Ms Ejgierd, who take on several projects throughout the year, all of which help the school remain environmentally friendly.

The team from last year helped us achieve our Bronze Award. 


We are currently in a process of forming a new team who will help us achieve our Silver Award. 


To meet the Silver Award, we will work on meeting the following targets:




  • The school has identified an Eco-Committee consisting of pupils and adults which meets at least once every half term
  • Pupils share the responsibility with adults for running the committee (the level of responsibility expected depends on the age and ability of the pupils involved)
  • The Eco-Committee includes a parent and/or governor representative
  • Records are kept of meetings

Environmental Review

Action Plan

  • The Eco-Committee has produced a detailed Action Plan
  • The plan contains timescales, targets and who is responsible
  • The Eco-Committee has shared the plan with the rest of the school

Linking to the curriculum

  • The school can indicate that some environmental issues have been covered within curriculum work in most year groups

Involving the whole school and wider community

Monitoring and evaluation


  • The school has an agreed, adopted and displayed Eco-Code

Project work